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  • B. Braun (Thailand) protect and improve against COVID-19

    Mr. Sayan Roy, Managing Director of B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd., and team donate medical products and 200 sets of consumer goods along with knowledge of the proper hand washing techniques and wearing mask correctly to Duang Prateep Foundation for supports people in Khlong Toey slum through this COVID-19 outbreak.

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  • B. Braun (Thailand) keep protecting our frontliners to defend COVID-19

    Considering the COVID-19 situation in Thailand for past months, our healthcare frontliners have been working hard to deal with an increasing number of infected cases. To protect them and improve community outbreaks, B. Braun (Thailand) Ltd. supported by donating medical equipment as Face Shields, Intubation Box, Hand Sanitizers to more than 100 hospitals across country.

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  • B. Braun Pakistan installs disinfectant tunnel at the office entrance

    Amidst the global pandemic, everyone is trying to stay afloat, and some of us who can possibly help others in this time of need, are striving to do just that. B. Braun Pakistan has continued to provide masks and sanitizers to its employees from the outset of the outbreak of Covid-19. Well before the virus hit the country, its employees were aware and prepared for the protocols; not the virus itself because it’s hard to say if anyone was prepared for this global crisis.

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