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  • The Right to a Healthy Future

    Every year, the World Diabetes Day (WDD) is dedicated to raising the public’s awareness of diabetes. In honor of Frederick G. Bantings, discoverer of insulin, it takes place on his birthday. This 14 November, the initiator IDF puts the focus on women.

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  • The Heart – small muscles, lots of movement

    Our heart is a wonder in endurance. In a life span of 80 years, it beats some three-billion times. It’s never allowed to take a break though, because even a small stuttering can be life threatening. Xiaoqian, the protagonist of this year’s annual report, knows all about what you should do to keep your heart healthy.

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  • When life is in our hands

    It is a day like any other when Teresa learns that she became infected with a hospital germ during a routine operation. After that day, nothing will be the same.

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  • A look behind the scenes

    The who, where and why behind the Annual Report

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  • Clean hands can save lives!

    Hand hygiene is one of the most important measures for preventing infections. It remains a mammoth undertaking around the world.

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