ON-Q® PainBuster®

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Pain Relief System

  • Soaker Catheter
    • With multiple and laterally aligned holes for an even spread of the local anesthetic, to ensure proper and sufficient post operative wound infiltration
  • Patented design
  • Also available as a silver-ion coated catheter (Silver Soaker®) to avoid bacterial infections
  • Elastomeric pump
    • Delivers local anesthetics (e.g. Bupivacaine) at a pre-set flow rate
    • Non-electronic device: no programming, no disturbing alarms or time consuming maintenance
    • Pump also serves as drug container
  • Included Accessories
    • 60 ml filling syringe
    • E-clip or carry case
    • 17G T-peel introducer(s) and sheath(s)
    • 5 ml priming syringe
    • Medication label
    • Peel-away labels
    • Filling extension set - 400 ml models only


  • Reduced length of hospital stay
  • Significantly less narcotics
  • Simplicity - no electronics, no maintenance
  • Reduction in treatment costs
  • Decreased complications associated with narcotics

Range of Application

Performing the technique of wound infiltration via the ON-Q® PainBuster® system, a steady spread of a local anesthetic throughout the wound over a long period of time can be guaranteed. Long-term wound infiltration reduces side effects that would occur when using narcotics for post operative pain management. Thus a quicker return to normal, a fast resumption of the body functions and the full range of motions can be achieved in a fast and less straining way.