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Discharge management - step by step

Step one: Care manager starts discharge process

Once the care manager has been notified by the hospital, she will contact everyone involved in the care giving process (e.g.physicians, nursing staff ) and collect all necessary information for a smooth and trouble-free discharge process.

Step two: Determine individual needs

In direct conversation, the care manager will determine the individual needs and requests of the patient (if needed, she will ask for the patient’s supply authorization).

Step three: Plan and organize therapy

Together with the physicians and nursing staff in charge, the care manager will plan the necessary therapy. The care manager will then organize the outpatient supply and treatment process.

Step four: Care manager coordinates delivery

The care manager will coordinate the delivery of all of the products the patient needs with the pharmacy, the home care department and the delivery service.

Step five: Efficient logistic system

The logistic system guarantees the fast delivery of all products. If a special infusion pump is needed, the care manager will also provide one.

Step six: Constructive dialog for optimal patient care

To ensure optimal patient care, the care manager will discuss any further procedures with the home care nursing staff, the healthcare institution or relatives.

Step seven: Care manager trains nursing staff and relatives

The care manager will train the nursing staff/relatives on how to: work with the TCStandard Operating Procedure; use drugs,medical devices, dressings and pumps correctly; work with a central venous catheter (Port-, Hickmann-, Broviac-, Groshongcatheters,naso-gastric sondes or PEG tubes).

Step eight: Care manager documents training

All this training is documented in a form. Copies are issued to everyone involved. The care managener can also provide the home care nursing staff with specially developed forms to document any follow-up therapy.

Step nine: Easy discharge for the patient

The patient can rest assured that the discharge process will also be well taken care of. The care manager will have already organized all the necessary conditions for the patient.

Step ten: Ongoing care process

Our care manager is in close contact with everyone involved throughout the entire discharge and ongoing treatment process. The care manager will visit the patients and home care nursing staff at regular intervals and give answers to all questions arising or will deal with unexpected obstacles.

After notification from the hospital, the care manager will contact everyone involved in the care giving process and collect all necessary information.

For the right and safe treatment at home, each step of the infusion is explained to healthcare professionals, the relatives and the patients in customized nursing protocols.

Based on the nursing protocols for infusion, B. Braun is offering nursing kits that contain all the necessary items for the connection and disconnection of infusion systems.

The care manager organizes the delivery of the products needed. This implies contacting the pharmacy, a delivery service and a home care service to arrange the treatment.

The care manager trains the nurses, the patient or relatives to provide the right conditions are in place for a safe home treatment.